About Us

After 7 years of experience with UNFI and over 20 in the industry, Greg Tinghitella founded Precision in 2008 with a promise to focus on quality, integrity & transparency. All of which he noticed were missing with traditional brokers.

We strive to be an extension of your sales team and a strategic partner in distribution, retail, marketing, and manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our ability to build brands from the ground up “Pioneering,” as well as help existing brands expand and grow their business.
The natural products industry is changing rapidly, especially since Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market and the Covid pandemic. Now more than ever it is necessary to undertake strategic, focused, and organized sales initiatives with a sales team that values your brand and relationship. Especially in the Northeast region where a significant portion of the $200 Billion in industry sales will take place.
At Precision we promise: to represent a limited number of brands to ensure that you receive the attention you deserve, to keep an open line of communication for timely responses, no overlapping brands or conflicts of interest, tailored strategic plans for each brand to obtain shelf placement and help move off the shelf. We believe that honesty is the best and only way to do business!

Connect with our team

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Tinghitella

Conventional Grocery – All Regions

President of Sales

JP DeMartino

North-East, E-Commerce,
Conventional Grocery

Director of Brand Management

Freddie Sanchez

North-East, North-Atlantic, Southeast
Conventional Grocery


Jessica Tinghitella

Sales Support – All Regions


Robert Guyer

Mid-Atlantic, Conventional Grocery


Diana Otte "Shorty"

Mid-West, Conventional Grocery


William Grant

North-Atlantic, North-East,
Conventional Grocery